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Arabica Simpal Premium Coffee We think that getting your caffeine fix doesn't have to include boring, tasteless instant coffee. Our distinctive collection of four flavoured instant coffees is prepared to make your day (or five) more exciting! You've never had coffee like this before. We only utilise the finest, smoothest, and purest Arabica beans, which are then expertly blended with our mouthwatering flavour combinations. There aren't any tricks or artificial ingredients. coffee that is really excellent.

Simpal Premium Arabica Dark Chocolate Freeze-dried Instant Coffee 70g

SKU: A9019720603157
₹349.00 Regular Price
₹314.10Sale Price
    • Gluten-free, non-GMO
    • No preservatives, chemicals, added sugar, or colourants are used in this gluten-free and vegan product.
    • Infused with natural flavours and made with 100% percent Arabica beans
    • Slowly roasted for a rich, Dark Chocolate flavor
    • 100% premium arabica coffee

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