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Everyone's favourite milkshake, Cold coffee, is made with Tikku cold coffee Milkshake drink mix. It is quite simple to use and makes excellent thick shakes quickly. This drink mix is crafted with premium ingredients that have a mouthwatering flavour. This drink mix produces milkshakes with an incredibly rich flavour that will delight you with each sip. The milk combines seamlessly with Tikku drink Mix. It gives the shake a thick, smooth consistency.

Tikku Cold Cofee Milkshake Drink Mix 100g

SKU: A6289760900155
    • Tikku Cold Cofee Milkshake Drink Mix 100g.
    • The drink mix features a real coffee flavour.

    • The drink mix combination provides a true-to-life and mouthwatering taste of coffee.
    • Add Tikku cold coffee Milkshake drink Mix Pack in 500 ml milk. Add  4to5 ice cube and blender/mixer or shake serve chilled.
    • Other Flavours: Chocolate , Rose , Strawberry , Mango , Butterscotch , Cookies and Cream , Kaju Gulkand , Cold Coffee.

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