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Rainbow sprinkles are little, diverse pieces of confectionary created from masses of colourful dough that have been cut up and fashioned into small bits. They come in a variety of hues and are used as a topping or decorative feature.

Tikku Rainbow Sprinkles 75g Bottle

SKU: A6289760899244
    • Vermicelli Sprinkles for Cake, Rainbow Sprinkles for Cake Decoration, and Fancy Stands for Decorations
    • this containe pink , yellow, orange , green, Blue, Color sprinkle.
    • In order for sprinkles to adhere to the proper food surface, they typically need frosting, ice cream, or some other kind of sticky substance. Since smaller desserts like cupcakes and sugar cookies typically have more frosting and a smaller diameter than cakes, these can be found there most frequently.

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