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Tikku vadapav Masala is a dry masala influenced by the classic Bombay vadapav flavour. This dry Masala is made with peanut granules, vegetable oil, chilli powder, raw garlic, and a few spices. You can use it to make vadapav or consume it with roti or bread. It provides you the hot spicy flavour of quick vadapav masala. A carefully selected spice blend that allows you to make Bombay quality vadapav at home with minimal effort. As previously said, these are instant spices, thus no more spices are required when cooking vadapav.

Tikku Vadapav Masala (Authentic Bombay Style) 100g

SKU: A6289760899930
    • The majority of manufacturers add more salt and artificial colours to their seasoning to give it more flavour. There is no salt or artificial colouring or preservatives in Tikku Vada Pav Masala Powder. In order to preserve the product's natural flavour and taste, cyclogenic grinding is also used in its production.
    • Tikku Vadapav masala is so exquisite that it can quickly make any street dish delectable. Use it as a cooking tool or a ready-made sprinkler on top of the prepared dish. Your vada pav or aloo tikki will taste great with this.
    • People won't be able to restrain themselves when eating their vadapav because this vada pav masala is so delicious.

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