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About Us


  • We are young company discovering, sourcing and bringing to you the  finest authentic seasonings of the globe. Spices, chillies, herbs, specialist seasonings and spice blends are vital to truly capture the distinctive essence of each world cuisine, bringing a whole host of diverse flavours to your cooking. By making such authentic seasonings available, together with detailed information about their flavour as well as recipe & usage ideas, We aim to enable you to explore worldwide cuisine and so be a source of culinary inspiration in your kitchen.


  • We believe in sharing quality products that you can enjoy with confidence

  • We strive to nourish your body and respect the environment by using pure ingredients that are ethically sourced from around the world and embracing sustainable, eco-friendly practices, always.



  • To design, process and market quality food products at competitive prices in the market and to establish itself as the leading processed food manufacturer in the india. The company aims at maintaining an environmentally friendly and sustainable production quality.


Food Safety

  • In order to ensure that each and every one of our products meets the highest standards of food safety, we utilize steam treatment and other state-of-the-art food processing technology. These methods allow us to eliminate all bacteria, fungus, and potential pathogens in our food products—far exceeding the food safety standards—without having to use hazardous synthetic sprays and fungicides that other spice and tea companies rely on so heavily. This ensures that the taste of our gluten-free seasonings are never compromised by harsh heat processing, that our organic teas are free from synthetic chemicals, and that our fair-trade chocolates are as safe as they are delicious.


Our Promise

  • We created products pair quality nutrients with the convenience of seasoning. We believe in nutrition that works for you, with your schedule, and with your food. Tikku products allows you to enhance the flavor of your food, and simultaneously ensure you and your loved ones are consuming the vitamins and minerals you need



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