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Chat masala, one of the most popular spice mixtures in cookery, literally translates to hot spice and contains roughly 5�6 different types of spices. To give certain delicacies a mildly spicy and pungent flavour, all the components are well-roasted, pounded into a powder, and then added.

Tikku Chaat Masala

    • Tikku Chaat Masala 55g Bottle / 500g Jar.
    • Natural ingredients, enhanced flavour, expert blending, accurate flavour, and a rich scent are all examples of mindful values.
    • Based on traditional cuisines, Tikku Chaat Masala has been perfecting its blend for years.
    • Numerous meals contain a small amount of Tikku chaat masala. Chaat masala is a versatile spice blend. It is used in a variety of meals, including fruit chat, aloo chat, and numerous kinds of salads with lemon juice.

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