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One well-known Indian beverage is milk masala. A celebratory beverage, which is typically served warm or cold, is distinguished by the colour and flavour of saffron and dry fruits. With the help of our Tikku Kesari Milk Masala, we provide you a moment of joy.

Tikku Kesari Milk Masala 20g

SKU: A5058053891897
    • Tikku Kesari Milk Masala 20g small jar.
    • Ingridents : Almond , Cashew Nut , Pistachio , Cardamom , Nutmeg ,Mace, Saffron.
    • As it is prepared with natural components that are good for your general growth, Tikku Kesari Milk Masala is a fantastic method to improve the flavour and nutritional value of your milk.
    • Tikku Kesari Milk Masala is a full health blend that provides you freshness and an instant energy boost thanks to the purity of the saffron and the richness of the dried fruits. Given that it contains all the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies require, it is incredibly nutritious for both children and adults.
    • Utilize : Add 1/2 Table spoon milk masala mix into 2 cup milk serve hot or chilled.

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