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Cardamom that has been ground to a powder-like consistency. It is frequently used in Indian cuisine. Even though cardamom is one of the most expensive spices when measured by weight, only a small amount of its powder is required to add flavor to food. First, crack the pods and take the seeds out to make the cardamom powder.

Tikku Cardamom powder 20g

SKU: A5058053891835
    • Tikku Cardamom powder 20g Small Jar.
    • Tikku Cardamom Powder is used to add taste and a delicious aroma to food.
    • Cardamom powder may contain minerals and antioxidants that can decrease blood pressure.
    • The majority of the time, tikku cardamom powder is used to flavor marinades, cakes, biscuits, fruit compotes, and cakes. It serves as the primary component of Indian curry.
    • Indian sweet foods, ice creams, milk specialties, and hot masala milk all frequently utilise cardamom powder. Numerous rice dishes, vegetable dishes, and other foods with strong flavours benefit from its flavour and scent. It is a customary flavouring for coffee and tea.

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