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Tikku custard powder aids in the preparation of delectable custard quickly and easily. This premix's ingredients are of the highest grade. This powder mixes well with milk, giving custard a thick and smooth texture. This custard has a lovely creamy texture. Tikku Custard Powder aids in the preparation of a sweet and fruity custard with a distinctive flavour.

Tikku Kesar Elaichi Custard Powder 100g Box

SKU: A9019720614818
    • Tikku Kesar Elaichi Custard Powder 100g Box.
    • Enticing Milk Supplement For Kids.

    • For a rich and creamy taste sensation, a customised basket has all the flavours of this special international delicacy. There are no eggs in our custard powder.

    • When combined with fruit salads and puddings, Tikku Custard Powder creates a silky, creamy, and delectable custard. For all ages, tikku custard powder is a delectable delight. A wonderful dessert for any family get-together or birthday party! To improve flavour and happiness, add your favourite fruits. ?

    •  Take 2 helpful tablespoone (25g) Tikku Custard Powder in bowl.add 100 ml milk in custard powder and make a paste. boil remaining  milk. add 4 helpful tablespoone (50g) sugar into milk. add custard paste into milk stir continuous and cook 2-3 min. Let it cool and serve  as it or with other recipes.

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