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Dehydrated, ground onions are used to make onion powder, which is frequently used as a flavouring. It is a typical component of seasoned salt and spice blends like beau monde seasoning. Onions that have been roasted are used in the preparation of several types. 

Tikku Onion Powder 50g Bottle

SKU: A5058053856148
    • Tikku Onion powder 50g Bottle.
    • The mild and spicy flavour of Tikku Onion Powder fits seamlessly with dishes from all over the world.
    • This powdered onion product is manufactured from premium-quality onions.
    • Since onions are the most prized ingredient in Indian cuisine for enhancing flavour, onion powder is used to prepare a variety of meals. Incorporate this powder into sabzis, hummus for a distinctive zing, or homemade Italian recipes for a delectably mouthwatering flavour.

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