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The Sanskrit word "mukhwas" can be divided into the words "mukh" for mouth and "was" for fragrance. Mukhwas is typically used to fight bad breath after meals and to clean your mouth. The mukhwas mouth freshener can be made in countless different ways by combining and matching the ingredients to suit your tastes.

Tikku Alsi Mix Mouth Freshners 100g

SKU: A5058053891941
    • Tikku Alsi Mix Mukhwas 100g Bottle.
    • Mukhwas are customarily consumed after meals in India. You can enjoy the after-meal taste of this Mukhwas because it is created using a traditional process, natural ingredients, and delightful flavours.
    • with its incredible and delectable flavours, adds a dash of refreshment to your disposition.
    • provides both taste and health advantages.
    • There are ten delicious kinds of Tikku Mukhwas, ranging from sweet to salty.

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