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Cloves have a strong scent, a strong flavour, and a warming energy. dried flower buds that have been ground into a powder for use in cooking or as a tea blend. Small amounts should be consumed just to be used as a spice.

Tikku Clove Powder 50g Bottle

SKU: A5058053891286
    • Tikku Clove Powder 50g Bottle.
    • This flavorful clove powder is made with only the finest quality cloves.
    • It is common practise to use clove powder in cooking. One of the most fundamental spices used in Indian cooking is clove powder.
    • To add clove powder's distinctive flavour to a meal, only a pinch will do. Both as a standalone spice and in spice blends, clove powder is utilised. It is a component of many cuisines, including baked items and desserts.

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