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The Sanskrit word "mukhwas" can be divided into the words "mukh" for mouth and "was" for fragrance. Mukhwas is typically used to fight bad breath after meals and to clean your mouth. The mukhwas mouth freshener can be made in countless different ways by combining and matching the ingredients to suit your tastes.

Tikku Digestive Mukhwas 100g

SKU: A5058053891804
    • Tikku Digestive Mukhwas 100g Bottle.
    • An original recipe and nutritious ajwain dill seed were used to produce a delightful and fresh mukhwas.
    • It functions as an appetiser, bolstering the digestive system and encouraging nutrient absorption.
    • Dill seeds are a good source of fibre and vitamins and fight bad breath. optimum mouthwash.
    • digestive mukhwas that boosts immunity and lowers the chance of stomach infections

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