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Paprika is a ground spice that is manufactured from a variety of dried peppers from the Capsicum anuum family, including hot chilli peppers, cayenne peppers, poblano peppers, aleppo peppers, sweet peppers, and others. Paprika, a red pepper-derived powdered spice, has a flavour that is somewhat earthy, sweet, and spicy.

Tikku Paprika Powder 50g Bottle

SKU: A5058053891576
    • With its potent flavour and scent, paprika powder may give a meal just the right amount of spicy zing.
    • The highest quality paprika is used to create this powder, giving it an authentic flavour.
    • This powder has no artificial flavours or ingredients.
    • Paprika powder is full with beneficial elements. It might aid in reducing inflammation and enhancing vision.

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