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Simpal Organic Green Tea Refrwshin & Stress-Relieving. A walk in the woods, in the fresh air, is a great way to get some exercise. Colors, scents, and noises from nature. These are the feelings evoked by this tea, while the green tea provides us with a boost of energy. This composition tastes refreshingly fresh and not overly hot, thanks to the balance of lemon and herbs.Green Tea is made out of natural herbs that are beneficial to one's health. Green Tea have been shown in clinical research to promote a healthy metabolism, which is important for weight management. Both provide a wide range of health benefits, including an abundance of antioxidants that help the body destroy harmful free radicals. Our fantastic concoction is both refreshing and delicious. Take a sip and relax. Our one-of-a-kind line of Six flavorful to Green Tea is ready to liven up your day. (Classic, Mint, Tulsi, Lemon Ginger, Detox Kahwa, Lemon, Ginger)

Simpal Lemon Organic Green Tea 100g

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    • Lemon Green Tea: Our Lemon Green tea is recognised for its energising flavour and scent and is guaranteed to brighten up your inner self. It is infused with the benefits of lemon. It perfectly balances the various advantages of green tea with the exact amount of lemons to give you an unwavering lift.
    • Health Advantages: Lemon tea naturally contains a wealth of nutrients. Lemons have a remarkable amount of C acid, which aids in weight loss and cleansing the body.
    • Give your workday a lemon touch to make it more refreshing. Lemon green tea can instantly lift your spirits thanks to its energising flavour and scent.
    • Simple to make: Steep the Lemon green tea bag for three minutes in a cup of freshly boiled water. To make it even more decadent, add a pinch of Tulsi, Turmeric, or minti from your kitchen or pantry to refresh your senses and give you the greatest chai experience possible.

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