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With its potent flavour and wide use in baking and cooking, cinnamon is a well-liked spice. Cinnamon adds a great flavour to every food thanks to its warm and sweet flavour. It has a long history of usage in medicine and is renowned for offering a variety of health advantages

Tikku Cinnamon Powder 20g

SKU: A5058053891903
    •  Tikku Cinnamon Powder 20g Small Jar.

    • The ideal spice for Indian cuisine is tikku cinnamon powder. It is of excellent quality and has a distinctive flavour.
    • This cinnamon powder also contains significant amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamin K.
    • This powder contains no artificial flavours or additives and is prepared from fresh, natural cinnamon.
    • Around the world, cinnamon powder is used to make pies, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. It frequently incorporates apples and is utilised to prepare various fruit and cereal dishes.

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