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This is a spice that is used in a variety of different cuisines , including indian , mexican and thai. it is made from ground black pepper and can be useds to add flavour to dishes. this spice is often used in the last stage of cooking to add a more intense flavour.

Tikku Black Pepper Powder 20g

SKU: A5058053891859
    • Tikku Black Pepper Powder 20g Small Jar.
    • Our original masala powders are created from natural ingredients that were grown without the aid of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We support a better and balanced lifestyle by offering the highest quality, natural spices, curry masalas, and seasonings.
    • Manganese, a mineral that supports metabolism, bone health, and wound healing, is present in black pepper in good amounts.
    • To add flavour and spice to foods including meats, fish, vegetables, salad dressings, soups, stir-fries, pasta, and more, use black pepper as an ingredient in recipes.

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