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Share the love, please! SIMPAL Crunchy Peanut Butter makes it easy and has a delicious fresh roasted peanut flavour that the whole family will enjoy. No other peanut butter will do, so it goes without saying that you'll like it with jelly or spread it quickly over fruit or vegetables to create your own show-stopping feast. In just one bite, this crunchy peanut butter will take you back to the things you loved most about your youth. Simpal Crunchy Peanut Butter is Unbelievablely Delightful. It works well in a variety of recipes, from simple sandwiches to delicious baked goods, dolloped on celery, or simply spooned on its own.

Simpal Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter 1kg

SKU: A9019720668385
₹499.00 Regular Price
₹399.00Sale Price
    • Simpal Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy 1kg.
    • One Simple Ingrident: This gluten-free, tree-nut-free peanut butter is prepared with just one basic ingredient: high-quality, real-roasted peanuts. It has no added preservatives. It disperses effortlessly without separating or making a greasy mess.
    • Try crunchy peanut butter if you're in the mood for a kind of peanut butter that is more crunchy. You've arrived at the proper location. Each jar is made with tonnes of real peanut pieces, giving you a tonne of crunch and the delicious flavour of peanut butter.
    • We've been sharing wonderful fun since we started, and we're still going strong. There is just one thing to do when seeking for a quick and simple snack because there are so many different methods to consume Simpal peanut butter: Consume Simpal peanut butter; it is excellent.

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