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Organic Green Tea Simpal Stress-Relieving & Refreshing - Natural herbs that are good for one's health are used to make green tea. Clinical studies have demonstrated that green tea can support a healthy metabolism, which is crucial for managing weight. Both offer a variety of health advantages, including a wealth of antioxidants that support the body's ability to fight off dangerous free radicals. Our wonderful combination is delicious and refreshing. Sip some tea and unwind. Our unique range of six fragrant green teas is ready to make your day more exciting. (Traditional, Mint, Tulsi, Ginger, Lemon, Detox Kahwa)

Simpal Tulsi Organic green Tea 100g

SKU: A9019720552950
₹349.00 Regular Price
₹296.65Sale Price
    • The People's Green Tea, a fan favourite for its light, refreshing, and smooth flavours, has been decaffeinated.
    • Organically cultivated, 100 percent pure, no additives, no preservatives, Halal, Non GMO
    • This decaffeinated tea is praised for its refreshing, smooth flavour as well as its numerous health advantages.
    • Deliciously Rejuvenating: This decaf green tea has a tranquil, yet energising tone that will leave you feeling cheerful and relaxed.
    • Encourage the development of healthy skin.
    • Antioxidants and other nutrients abound.

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