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Since GMS is non-toxic, it is ideal for use in food formulation. GMS is a common ingredient in food products that is used to absorb and hold water, limit crystal formation, thicken, act as a binder, extend shelf life, and create the correct texture or body. The preparation of dry pet foods that produce their own gravy when warm water is added accounts for the majority of its volume utilisation.

Tikku GMS Powder 50g Box

SKU: A6289760900025
    • Tikku GMS Powder 50g Box.
    • GMS is used to give desserts like whipped cream and ice cream body. Additionally, it can be applied as a coating or a preservative.
    • It serves as an emulsifier, thickener, anti-caking, and preservative.
    • An emulsifier is a chemical called GMS. It is a flaky, white substance with a pleasant flavour. In order to make soft ice creams, it is used.

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