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The star of the show, Tikku Himalayan pink salt powder, is now here. It's stunning, vivid pink, and healthy for you. made using pink salt from the Himalayas that is of the highest quality and is responsibly obtained. With its ability to decrease blood pressure and iron-rich composition, pink salt powder is excellent for daily use. Due to its semi-coarse texture and grind, it works fantastically as a bath scrub. goes particularly well with Indian food because it delicately and effectively season food without oversalting it. Excellent to be presented as a side dish; it looks amazing.

Tikku Himalaya Pink Salt

    • Tikku Himalayan Pink Salt 100g / 1.25 kg.
    • Our Himalayan Pink Salt is completely natural and has a flavour comparable to table salt.

    • Pink Himalayan salt is superior than conventional sea salt in terms of taste. Unprocessed salt is pink salt. Mineral-rich naturally, devoid of chemicals and preservatives

    • Excellent flavour: Himalayan pink salt, which is 100 percent pure, is the ideal accompaniment to any dish. It works well in recipes while baking and is excellent for seasoning meats, grilled vegetables, a variety of salads (such pasta, egg, or potato salads), soups, and snacks.

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