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The Gujarati street food known as Kutchi Dabeli is India's version of the hamburger. A sweet and sour potato filling with onions, pomegranate, fresh Lehsun Chutney, and sev is placed within pav buns.

Tikku Kutchhi Dabeli Masala (Authentic Kutchhi Style) 100g

SKU: A6289760900049
    • Tikku Kutchhi Dabeli Masala is the ideal combination of flavorful spices to give the well-known Gujarati street food, Dabeli, a mouthwatering flavour.
    • You may enjoy the real flavour of dabeli from the street at the comfort of your own home because to its savoury flavour.
    • This flavorful spice blend is made with fennel, dry ginger powder, dry mango powder, cassia, star anise, clove, black cardamom, asafoetida, and other ingredients.

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