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This guarantees that the flavour of our gluten-free seasonings is never compromised by heat processing, that our organic teas are free from synthetic chemicals, and that our fair-trade chocolates are as safe as they are delicious. By using TIKKU products, you can enhance the flavour of your food while also ensuring that you and your loved ones are consuming the vitamins and minerals you need.  

Tikku Manchurian Masala 50g

SKU: A6289760900063
    • Tikku Manchurian Masala is a well-balanced mixture of spice blends that gives the well-known Chinese meal Manchurian a delectable flavour.
    • You can now enjoy Manchurian by adding Tikku Manchurian Masala to the chopped vegetables, mixing it thoroughly, then deep frying the balls.
    • The best method to quench your cravings is with the exquisite flavour of Manchurian created with this masala.

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