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An international spice mix seasoning is peri peri powder. The finest ingredients were used to create this exotic spice blend. Create a gradual burn in your cuisine by adding Peri Peri.

Tikku Peri Peri Masala 55g Bottle

SKU: A5058053856292
    • Peri Peri Masala is regarded as a common seasoning worldwide. This masala is a hot condiment because chilli powder makes up the majority of its ingredients.
    • It is a seasoning with several uses. The masala enhances the flavour of Italian and Mexican food.
    • One of the most popular seasonings today is peri peri masala. Popular fast food products like french fries, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, etc., are spiced up with it.
    • The ingredients in Tikku Peri Peri Masala are all natural. Artificial flavourings and additives are not present.

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