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Now, even young children may prepare delicious Raspberry-flavored jelly. Tikku Raspberry vegetarian jelly crystals, 500 ml of hot water, and some fun moulds are all they require. Tikku Raspberry jelly can be consumed on its own, combined with Tikku custard to produce a trifle pudding, or served with cakes, ice creams, and other desserts.

Tikku Raspberry Jelly Crystals

SKU: A6289760899268
    • Tikku Jelly Crystal Raspberry 100g.
    • Every kitchen should contain this essential component for flavorful and delicious cuisine. Make your meal stand out by giving it a flavorful taste and making it simple to prepare. Feel the genuine flavour and give your tastebuds a great treat.

    • We take great effort to provide our customers with high-quality items. We never skimp on quality and work hard to earn our customers' pleasure. Any event will benefit from these foods to the fullest. receive honours from your family.

    • Mix well Jelly Mix Pack and Jelly Premix Pack in a Bowl . Boil 500ml water in a pan. Pour Boiled water into Mixture.  Mix well untill completely dissolved.  Allow to set Jelly in Room Temperature for 45 mins. Refrigerate Before Serving.

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