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The Sanskrit word "mukhwas" can be divided into the words "mukh" for mouth and "was" for fragrance. Mukhwas is typically used to fight bad breath after meals and to clean your mouth. The mukhwas mouth freshener can be made in countless different ways by combining and matching the ingredients to suit your tastes.

Tikku Sweet Snauf Mukhwas 150g

SKU: A6289760899398
    • Tikku Sweet Snauf Mukhwas 150g Bottle.
    • Sweet saunf with equal proportions Catechu and freezing chilly menthol is both sweet and cooling.
    • The best quality saunf and other ingredients are used, and there are no additional flavours, colours, or preservatives.
    • Indian digestive aids or after-meal snacks are frequently consumed as a breath refresher, especially after meals.

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